Gunnison Valley Hospital COVID-19 Testing Information

Gunnison Valley Health: is NO LONGER doing PCR testing at their offices as of 2/3/23.

Rapid Home Antigen Tests

Antigen/At-Home Tests are recommended for “serial” testing programs (testing multiple times per week) or for testing on day 6 of isolation if you have Covid-19 and are without fever/feeling better to ensure you are no longer contagious.

Free Rapid Home Tests are available at:

PCRs NAAT and Proctored Tests

PCR and other NAAT tests are considered the gold standard in diagnostic testing. If you start feeling ill, have a runny nose, cough, or know that you’ve been exposed, NAAT tests, including PCRs are the way to go to rule out Covid-19. PCR or NAAT tests are available at local community testing sites or at some schools in the form of CUE testing.

*If you are in need to a COVID test, but don’t have the ability to pay for a doctor visit, please contact Health and Human Services to see if you qualify for low-income financial assistance through the Community Service Block Grant (CSBG): 970-641-3244.

Tests for Travel

For those looking for tests for travel, the following options are available:

  • iHealth COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Tests along with a remote video conference.
    • These tests are CDC-compliant and available for free at Public Health, Gunnison County Libraries and through the Government free test mailing program listed above, or offered for sale at local retailers.
    • The video conference to verify your test result can be scheduled at, when practitioners are available. The session takes about 20 minutes for a $25 fee.
  • Denver Airport COVID-19 Testing (Rapid PCR or PCR send-out) – $175-$250
  • Walgreens Locations (PCR send-out or Rapid NAAT Test) – Insurance billed if you have it, testing is free of charge regardless of insurance coverage
  • Gunnison Valley Hospital – $150 for asymptomatic COVID-19 tests; insurance will not be billed. Follow link for more information.
Understanding COVID-19 Tests

COVID Check Colorado testing

Free COVID-19 Testing at Gunnison Valley Hospital

Gunnison County, Gunnison Valley Health and COVIDCheck Colorado will continue to partner in providing free COVID-19 testing to the community through June 30, 2022. THIS IS NO LONGER OFFERED AFTER JUNE 30, 2022

Free COVID testing is ending on June 30. Following this date you can access testing through your primary care provider, urgent care, local pharmacies, or by utilizing at-home tests.

If you have any questions about COVID testing, please contact your primary care provider or Gunnison County Health and Human Services at 970-641-3244.