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Exposed? Waiting For a Result? Positive?

If you test positive early in your symptoms, consider reaching out to a doctor for an oral antiviral prescription. Many are eligible for oral antiviral prescriptions that can be very effective in preventing severe illness from COVID. Learn more here.

Oral antivirals are recommended for people who are:

  • Are aged 12 years and older for Pfizer’s Paxlovid or aged 18 years and older for Merck’s Lagevrio (molnupiravir), and
  • Have tested positive for COVID-19, and
  • Have had symptoms for less than five days, and
  • Are at high risk of becoming seriously ill. People at at high risk of becoming seriously ill from COVID-19 include:
  • People who are aged 65 years and older.
  • People who are obese or overweight. This includes adults with a BMI of 25 or more. It also includes children under age 18 years old whose providers determine they meet the criteria.
  • Pregnant people (for Paxlovid only).
  • People with underlying medical conditions.

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Tested Positive. What Next?

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Isolation & Quarantine Guidance

*Per CDC guidance air-travel while sick or in isolation is not allowed.