For the seven-day period between 1/2/22-1/8/22 a total of 402 confirmed cases were identified in Gunnison County residents. A reminder that a confirmed case is a positive result from a PCR test. In total, 442 positive results were identified including all confirmed and probable cases amongst local residents. Across all known testing sources, 924 tests were conducted over the same time frame yielding a positivity rate of 44% for confirmed cases.

Confirmed Cases in Gunnison County ResidentsProbable Cases in Gunnison County Residents

Given the surge in cases statewide, data sets may not be consistent given data lags and staffing capacity across Colorado.

As COVID-19 cases continue to spread at a rapid pace, it is crucial that we collectively take-action on limiting the spread of the coronavirus in our community. On day 673 of the pandemic, we collectively know the measures to mitigate both individual and community level risk. This includes avoiding large gatherings, wearing masks, monitoring for symptoms, staying home and isolating when sick and getting vaccinated. We all need to take the initiative to use these risk mitigation tools.

Gunnison County strongly recommends the tactics we have come to know well:

While our partners at COVID Check Colorado continue to work at the alternative testing location, their operations do see impacts from the very low temperatures of the Gunnison Valley. We ask that our community be aware that when very cold overnight temperatures are predicted it will likely impact the start time of testing the following morning. COVID Check Colorado plans to open their operations on a daily basis when the temperatures reach double-digits. We recommend those making an appointment or seeking testing consider a slot later in the day. If you would like to schedule a test you can complete the process at

As a reminder, the community testing site has moved to the parking lot West of the rodeo grounds. This parking lot is at the corner of S. 14th Street and Evans Street. The site should be accessed by coming down S. 14th street and turning left on Evans (just before the Public Safety Center).

An essential part of limiting transmission is testing. If you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 we encourage you to seek testing and isolate until you have a result. Even if your symptoms are minor (scratchy throat, nasal congestion, etc.) we recommend you seek testing.

Many individuals are able to test at home with a rapid antigen test (BinaxNOW). If you test with a BinaxNOW test, we ask that you please report the result – particularly if it is positive – through If you are symptomatic and have a negative antigen result we encourage you to confirm it with a PCR test.

With high case numbers, it is likely that the COVID-19 Team at Gunnison County Public Health may not reach you in the case investigation and contact tracing process. With that in mind, a secure digital option is available for individuals to complete their own case investigation through an online form. This tool will help Public Health identify individuals who may need further follow-up due to underlying risk factors in their health and also help contain additional infections.

You can access the self-report tool by scanning the QR code below or visiting

For those who do contract COVID-19, the new CDC guidance allows for individuals to leave isolation after 5 days if symptoms are resolving. Symptom resolution means that you no longer have symptoms – if you have been experiencing fever, you must be fever free for 24 hours and your other symptoms should be improved. Those leaving isolation after 5 days must wear a mask in public for an additional five days.

While Omicron is highly infectious, boosters have been shown to help restore protection against infection and serious illness. With that in mind, Gunnison County encourages those who are eligible and have not yet received a booster to consider receiving one.

Booster eligibility has expanded with guidance from the FDA and CDC. Boosters are now available to any individual 12 and older. However, those under the age of 18 can ONLY receive a Pfizer booster. Additionally, the CDC now recommends that anyone who received a primary series of Pfizer or Moderna should receive a booster dose 5 months after their second shot. This is a reduction of one-month in the interval between the primary vaccine series and the booster.

For individuals five and older who are moderately or severely immunocompromised, there is specific guidance for receiving an additional dose and booster. That guidance can be found here. We encourage those who are immunocompromised to consult with a primary care provider about their continued vaccination needs.

With the high-levels of transmission in our community, and staffing constraints across partner agencies and volunteers, Gunnison County will be pausing our mass vaccination clinics until February 17th. We continue to recommend all of our eligible citizens seek COVID-19 vaccination and resources are in place for vaccination to continue across the community. The CDPHE mobile unit will be in the Gunnison Valley 1/14-1/16/21 and provides all available COVID-19 vaccinations (including boosters for recently eligible kids 12 and older).

For more information on the schedule and location of the CDPHE mobile unit and other available vaccine resources, please consult our Vaccine Resources page.

Current statewide data from CDPHE shows that fully-vaccinated individuals are 12.6x less likely to be hospitalized for COVID-19 and 12.8x less likely to die from COVID-19.

Gunnison Valley Health continues to see patients seeking care for COVID-19 across its services but few patients need to be admitted. In recent weeks, the Emergency Department at Gunnison Valley Health has seen more people seeking COVID-19 testing in the Emergency Room (ER). We kindly ask our community to use the ER for medical emergencies. This is not a primary resource for seeking COVID-19 testing. Please continue to seek testing through the sources listed on our Gunnison County COVID-19 Testing Page.

For more information on where to obtain a COVID-19 vaccination or testing, please visit: