7th Death

The state is defining COVID-19 deaths in two ways; deaths due to COVID-19 and death among COVID-19 cases. The state has counted an additional Gunnison County death among COVID-19 cases. 

We were saddened to report that last week there was a fatal car accident in the valley. After a post mortem test, one of the individuals was found to be COVID-19 positive. The state is counting this death in their tally of death among individuals with COVID-19 illness. Locally, we are looking at ways to represent this data so that it is clear to the public what the cause of death was. At this time, we have not added the death to our total.

Call Center: 970-641-7660

We are expanding our Call Center hours. The Call Center is now open from 8 a.m.-12p.m. and 1 p.m.- 4 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Here is an infographic of the Call Center call tree.

For those needing assistance outside of those hours, please leave a message. There will also be someone monitoring the callcenter@gunnisoncounty.org email. 

Cottonwood Pass

There seems to be some misinformation circulating about a closure of Cottonwood Pass. There is a Cottonwood Pass that connects Eagle County to Garfield County that is closed due to the Grizzly Gulch Fire. Cottonwood pass from Gunnison County to Chaffee County remains open.

Flu Clinic Dates

The Flu vaccination clinics have been set for October 6th in Gunnison and October 7th in Crested Butte. More details to come.

Positives and Indicator Updates

It appears that the diligence within the community has begun to turn the tide of the uptick that we saw after the 4th of July. This week, we briefly met a second indicator of three or more positives for three days in a 7 day period, with the results today we are back down to 1 indicator.

In the seven-day period from Aug. 5-Aug. 11, we have had two days with three or more positive tests. And in the 14-day period from July 29-Aug. 11, we had 24 positive test results come in. In the 14-day period from July 29-Aug. 11, positivity has decreased and is now at 10.91%. We are now only meeting one of the indicators for a move to yellow (three of seven criteria must be met). No other indicators have been met at this time. 

We have seen great improvement in the turnaround of test results. As of this update, we have one pending result from Monday and one pending result from Tuesday. All the other pending results are from today and yesterday.

We did transfer a COVID-19 positive patient out of the valley this week. While our healthcare system is busy locally and across the Western Slope (with no COVID-19 health issues), we do still have capacity. We currently don’t have any patients at the hospital with COVID-19. The other indicators that would move us to yellow are around our ability to give care. Thus far, we are in strong standing. 

Overall, we have seen 219 positive tests so far with 1,503 negative tests. 

For more information about test data, visit Gunnison County’s Test Data webpage and Dashboard webpage.

Screening Site

The Screening Site is located at Gunnison Valley Health on Monday through Saturday starting at 9 a.m. Testing requires an appointment ahead of time. The Call Center is only open Monday-Friday. If you are seeking a test on Saturday, you will have to have a prior appointment.

The Screening Site is located in the large north entrance parking lot and operates out of a shed. We ask that you please contact the Call Center in advance to schedule an appointment at 970-641-7660.

Delivery Assistance Update

We can help you arrange deliveries of groceries from City Market’s Pickup program, food bundles from the Gunnison Food Pantry and prescriptions from City Market or Walmart pharmacies. We ask that you only use this service if you are at risk and isolating at home, ill with COVID-19 symptoms or quarantined because of exposure. Deliveries are made by drivers trained to handle your order safely. 

To arrange for a delivery, please call Senior Transportation Dispatch at 970-641-7959 Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Grocery deliveries can be scheduled Monday through Friday.

Prescription deliveries can be called in throughout the week but will only be delivered on Tuesdays and Fridays for the Gunnison area and on Tuesdays for the Crested Butte area. Special arrangements may be made in the case of an emergency.

Food Pantry bundles can be requested throughout the week but are only delivered on Tuesdays and Fridays in Gunnison, and on Tuesdays for the Crested Butte area. 

Importance of Self-Reporting

One of the best tools to provide early warnings of spread in the community is to self-report as symptomatic. If you have symptoms consistent with COVID-19, even if they are mild, please self-report and isolate yourself.