New State Order

The State has not yet issued an updated public health order BUT they are planning on issuing one later today that will likely be effective tomorrow. 

The state has indicated that the new state public health order will allow bars to reopen at 25% capacity (if they do not have food service) or if they function as a restaurant with food service (50%) both at a maximum of 50 persons indoor. While the state has not yet posted their guidance to bars, locally, bars will still be required to follow the hygiene and social distancing protocol as well as the restaurant sector plan including the bar appendix.

The new state order is also expected to implement guidance that is currently in draft form for indoor events(e.g. theatres), outdoor events (e.g. rodeos, fairs) and residential camps.  

State Variance Update

We submitted our variance to the state last week. We received word two days ago that the application is complete. When we submitted, we were told it would take 5 business days to hear a response. When we heard from the state a couple of days ago, they said it would take 10-15 days and longer for larger applications. We aren’t sure when we will hear back.

In addition, the state has announced a “protect our neighbor” stage to their framework. It is likely that the state’s new framework will be signed into action prior to us hearing back on our variance request. We are working hard to better understand how this will affect us locally. One concern that we have is that the thresholds that the state has outlined are around cases per 100k residents. While a model like this could work well in the larger metropolitan areas, we are concerned locally that this might ping pong us back and forth between levels. With our small populations, small fluctuations could cause large swings in our case count per 100k.


The Business Subgroup meetings are continuing to operate in a limited and continuous mode. Most of the sectors have combined into a once per week meeting. These meetings provide an ongoing feedback loop for when/if a certain sector needs to wind back up into an active mode. There are currently two sectors, events and summer youth programming, that continue to meet weekly.  

State Scientific Advisory Committee

Joni Reynolds has been asked to serve as an advisor on the State’s Scientific Advisory Committee. She will be one of four public health advisors on this committee. We are very excited to have a voice directly to the State. 

Public Meeting

We will be running another public zoom meeting on Monday, 6/22 at 2:30 to talk about a contact tracing app. Sign up ahead of time for the zoom webinar here. We will also be live streaming the meeting onto Gunnison County Health and Human Services Facebook page.

10th Amended Public Health Order

Here is a document that helps to clarify what our current blue status and Public Health Order means. 

Delivery Assistance Update

Prescriptions deliveries will be scheduled any day of the week, but they will only be delivered on Tuesday and Fridays.

We ask that you only use this service if you are at risk and self-isolating at home, ill with Covid-19 symptoms, or quarantined and need groceries or prescriptions delivered to your home. The Gunnison Senior Transportation Dispatch will now be fielding calls at (970) 641-7959. Deliveries are by drivers trained to safely handle your order and are available throughout the valley, 5 days a week, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.

Screening Site

The screening site is located only at GVH Monday through Saturday starting at 9:00 AM. The site will be located in the large north entrance parking lot and operate out of a shed. We ask that you please call the call center ahead to schedule an appointment at 970-641-7660.

Importance of Self-Reporting

One of the best tools to provide early warnings of spread in the community is to self-report as symptomatic. If you have symptoms consistent with COVID-19, even if they are mild, please self-report and isolate yourself.

Call Center Hours 970-641-7660

The call center will be operating 8am-12pm Monday-Friday. For those needing assistance outside of those hours, there will be someone monitoring the email. 

By the Numbers and Datastudio

Our Google data studio is live on the website. The main page is a breakdown. There is more detail in a link in the bottom right corner for those that want to dig in further.