When the 10th Amended Public Health Order was signed on Monday, Joni Reynolds also declared that we are operating in a blue level. There seems to be a bit of confusion around what this actually means.

The most important piece is that there are areas where the state orders are stricter than Gunnison County’s blue level. We attempted to call this out via our infographic with the red strikethroughs where the state order trumps our local order. We submitted a variance request on Tuesday to operate independent of the state and follow our 10th Amended Public Health Order in its entirety. We were told that we should receive notice of receipt of the variance within 2-3 business days and then a response 5-7 business days after that. Until we hear back on the variance, we are required to follow state orders in the areas they are more restrictive.

The state is more restrictive in the following areas:

Restaurants-Our blue level says that restaurants are open without occupancy limitations although social distancing is required and will naturally limit occupancy somewhat. The state still has restaurants operating at 50% capacity indoors. The state also still has bars as closed.

Group Size-While the blue level says that gatherings up to 50 indoors and 250 outdoors are allowed, unfortunately, we have not received a variance from the state to go to this level yet. Our first variance to the state allows Gunnison County groups to go up to 25. 

Events-In the blue level, Gunnison County’s order allows events up to the same sizes as gatherings. Unfortunately, the state has more restrictions in place that we must abide by. The state orders prohibit the following events.

  • Sports tournaments
  • Fairs, festivals, and parades
  • Receptions of greater than 25 people
  • Rodeos
  • Car and horse races may continue but only with no spectators and 6 feet of social distancing
  • Sports events except for sports leagues

Business Hygiene and Social Distancing Protocols

ALL BUSINESSES AND EVENTS must follow the Business Hygiene and Social Distancing protocols outlined on pages 10 and 11 of the order as well as in this portion of the infographic

Mask Requirements

The other main change due to the 10th Amended Public Health Order is a mask or “face covering” requirement. They are required indoors in public places as well as outdoors where social distancing can’t be met. For more detail, please look to pages 7 and 8 of the order.