5/14/20 Update

Change in update regularity

In an effort to sustain our operations in the long term, we are moving to a Monday and Thursday update and meeting schedule. This will allow Incident Command to focus on the big picture and planning to live with this virus into the future. We will continue to update the public on any breaking news and will ramp up operations again if needed. Today is our last daily update. Look for another update coming on Monday. If we have any breaking news between now and then, we will get that out ahead of the Monday schedule.

Antibody testing clarification

As of this afternoon, GVH has conducted around 240 antibody tests. We are working to update our dashboard with this information as it comes in. These new antibody tests will cause our state positive rate to increase dramatically. We don’t want the appearance that there is another wave of the disease that is currently active. Locally in our numbers, we will list out confirmed PCR positives as we have been. We will also list out the state positives and antibody-positive tests separately

When you have your test results, please refer to your primary care physician to help you interpret the results. Here is a fact sheet for recipients of the test.

There have been a number of questions regarding the new antibody testing that GVH rolled out. To find information on the sensitivity and specificity on the Abbott Architect system please see this FDA emergency authorization test performance.

While this test is very good at determining if someone has had the virus, it doesn’t necessarily translate to immunity. The test doesn’t tell us the levels of IgG, rather it just shows positive or negative. So, we will know if a person had it very reliably but won’t know how much protection their immune response offers. 

For more information on how to get tested, please go here.

Screening Site

The screening site will continue to operate 6 days per week with modified times. Testing is still scheduled via the Call Center and is required to be tested.

  • Monday at Gunnison HHS from 8:30-10:00AM
  • Tuesday by appointment at GVH
  • Wednesday in Crested Butte from 8:30-10:00AM
  • Thursday by appointment at GVH
  • Friday by appointment at GVH and also for Medical, EMS, and Fire by appointment in Crested Butte
  • Saturday by appointment at GVH

Patients who contact the Call Center and are instructed to be swabbed will either be sent to a screening site or receive an appointment, depending on the day of the call. There will be 6-8 appointments available per scheduled day, with at least 2 appointments reserved for essential workers. 

Importance of Self-Reporting

One of the best tools to provide early warnings of spread in the community is to self-report as symptomatic. If you have symptoms consistent with COVID-19, even if they are mild, please self-report and isolate yourself.

The Center for Mental Health

We have consolidated the Center for Mental Health’s resources to this page on our website.

Call Center Hours 

The call center will be operating 8am-12pm Monday-Friday. For those needing assistance outside of those hours, there will be someone monitoring the callcenter@gunnisoncounty.org email. The Delivery Assistance Hotline will keep its same hours, 9am-5pm Monday-Friday.

Grocery and prescription delivery 5 days per week

If you are at risk and self-isolating at home, ill with Covid-19 symptoms, or quarantined and need groceries or prescriptions delivered to your home, call (970) 641-7959. Deliveries are by drivers trained to safely handle your order and are available throughout the valley, 5 days a week, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.

On May 18th the delivery hotline and schedule will change operational hours. Hours will be 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Monday-Friday. Starting that day please ensure that all City Market pick ups are scheduled in this time window as well.

By the Numbers and Datastudio

Our Google data studio is live on the website. The main page is a breakdown. There is more detail in a link in the bottom right corner for those that want to dig in further.

We have been getting a lot of questions about the datastudio, how often it’s updated and how people are counted.

  • There are a lot of questions about the state’s numbers vs. the county’s numbers. The state uses a “presumed positive” definition that Gunnison County does not. Gunnison County counts confirmed cases only. We have included the count of “State Presumed Positive” on both the main and Ops datastudios. For more information on what “presumed positive” means read our April 29th update.
  • The top section of Objective Data is updated at least daily and sometimes twice a day. There is a timestamp next to the title.
  • The Subjective Data section is currently updated when we hit a threshold of 10 new records. This data is pulled into a secure database from the hospital, call center and self-report forms and takes quite a bit of work to upload into the system. We are working on a system that uploads this live from our secure database but aren’t there yet.
  • You can download the raw data that is feeding the datastudio by going to the bottom right and clicking “More detailed data.” Once on this Ops Dashboard there is an option to download at that top right.