We understand that Gunnison County’s ban on non-resident homeowners, with exceptions, needs more explaining. And that there has been extreme angst, anger, and fear that have come out of this decision. Rest assured that was not our intention.

A blanket ban cannot account for extenuating circumstances. Many non-resident homeowners were here before the coronavirus rocked our community.

We have received 199 non-resident exemption requests to date. Those waivers applied for by nonresident homeowners who were here in February and when the lifts closed have all been approved.

At the same time, almost all requests for waivers for travel into our valley by non-resident homeowners have been denied. Non-essential travel is banned here in our valley and across our state.

The COVID-19 outbreak event will shift in the future and Public Health Orders will also be reflective of those changes. 

The non-resident exemption form can be found on our website here.