Since Gunnison County’s Fifth Amended Public Health Order was signed and issued Friday, April 3, some confusion has emerged concerning non-essential services, travel, activities or sales of goods.

Between the fourth and fifth amendments, some language was updated in the third full paragraph of Page 3 in hopes of clarifying that all non-essential services, travel, activities or sales of goods were to be eliminated. But there are, of course, some exceptions.

There was no intent to change the aspects of the Public Health Order that allow non-essential retail stores to operate by online or over-the-phone sales, except goods ordered through such means must be delivered by mail or by delivery to a customer’s home or vehicle outside of a retail location (Page 7, Paragraph a).

There has been some confusion, too, about Paragraph P (Page 12) concerning out-of-county travel.

As of April 3, all residents who travel outside of Gunnison County for any period of time are to isolate and quarantine themselves (from all persons, without exception) for a period of at least seven days. If such person experiences any symptoms of COVID-19 (e.g., fever, cough, shortness of breath), they are then further required to remain isolated and quarantined seven days OR until 72 hours after the quarantined person is afebrile (resolution of any fever without the aid of medication), whichever is later.

The self-isolation/quarantine should start once the individual has returned to Gunnison County.

To read the Fifth Amended Public Health Order in full, visit our Public Health Orders page.