If you are symptomatic, but otherwise ok, please self-isolate and self-report at www.gunnisoncounty.org/covid19

If you are symptomatic and worsening, please call the call center. 970-641-7660

We ask that you not show up to the screening site until you call first.

If it is an emergency, never hesitate to call 911.

Primary Information Sources


Gunnison Health and Human Services Facebook page

Please self-report if you have any symptoms and encourage others to self-report so we can have the best information. We are using this data to help us track the virus through our community and to predict a potential surge on our healthcare system.

Governor’s Stay at Home Orders

We appreciate the Governor’s recognition in his Executive Order that stricter local government orders already in place control over his Order.  After reviewing the Executive Order, Gunnison County concludes that its Third Amended Public Health Order is consistent with, if not stricter than, the Governor’s Executive Order.  Accordingly, under both the terms of Gunnison County’s Order and the Governor’s Executive Order, the Gunnison County Third Amended Public Health Order controls, and we will continue to operate under the terms of the County’s Order.  To understand what restrictions apply to persons within Gunnison County, please refer to the Third Amended Public Health Order and the information the County has provided on its website, www.GunnisonCounty.org/COVID19, or please contact the call center at (970) 641-7660.

Call Center Hours

The call center is now running from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday-Saturday, closed on Sunday.

Screening Site

Today, the screening site is operating in Crested Butte at the Community School from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. The Screening site will operate in Gunnison on Friday from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. We are set to receive another package of testing kits from the state early next week.

By the Numbers

As of 8:40 AM, we have 63 positive, 75 negative, and 39 pending tests. This document will be updated live with information. The graph below represents a compilation of the data points that we are collecting. Note that this is a logarithmic scale and the first horizontal tick is 0-10 and the second is 10-100. The bigger bars would actually be a lot bigger on a normal scale. We did this in an effort to show some of the smaller numbers that are still important. As you can see, the date of symptom onset (pink) is tapering down with a current peak at around 3/13. There tends to be a 9-10 lag from symptom onset to when folks need medical care. We are seeing hospitalizations (blue) starting to climb. While our Public Health Orders appear to be slowing the spread, we have to continue the great work we are doing.