If you are symptomatic, but otherwise ok, please self-isolate and self-report at www.gunnisoncounty.org/covid19

If you are symptomatic and worsening, please call the call center. 970-641-7660

We ask that you not show up to the screening site until you call first.

If it is an emergency, never hesitate to call 911.

Primary Information Sources


Gunnison Health and Human Services Facebook page

Please self-report if you have any symptoms and encourage others to self-report so we can have the best information. We are using this data to help us track the virus through our community and to predict a potential surge on our healthcare system.

Call Center Hours

Starting tomorrow, 3/25, the call center will be running from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday-Saturday, closed on Sunday.

Screening Site

There will be no screening site in operation for tomorrow, Wednesday 3/25. The weather looks to be holding for the Crested Butte site to remain at the Community School for Thursday from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. We will update on social media if the situation changes.

City Market Click List

City Market’s online ordering system has been booked up with orders. We ask that if you are healthy and otherwise able, that you do your shopping in person. This opens up City Market’s online pick-up program for individuals who are at risk, over 60 years old, and/or symptomatic or otherwise self-isolating. Our Delivery Assistance Hotline is operating and phones will be manned from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, 7 days a week. Call (970) 641-7959 if you need a volunteer to pick up the groceries you ordered through City Market’s Pick-up Program. Volunteers can also deliver prescriptions that are ready from the City Market or Walmart pharmacies. These services are reserved for individuals who need it most.

Backcountry Use

As you may have heard through social media and news outlets, San Juan County has banned backcountry skiing. Ouray County’s Sheriff’s Office has also made a request that residents halt “high risk” backcountry activities like backpacking, climbing and backcountry skiing. 

We recognize that residents of Gunnison County have found solace, peace and mental health benefits over the past several difficult weeks from participating in activities like backcountry skiing and climbing. We also recognize that mountain biking season is right around the corner at Hartman Rocks. 

At this point, and moving forward, any need for search and rescue or emergency services will put a significant burden on our healthcare system. Having to initiate a rescue will force first responders and your partners to break social distancing protocols and potentially expose them to COVID-19. 

We do not have any plans to discourage backcountry use at this time, but we are asking all users to dial down their expectations and dial up their risk management. One way to think about your risk choices would be to ask yourself if you would feel totally fine doing what you are doing with no partner, no rescue equipment and no evacuation plan. You should not be relying on emergency services to provide a rescue during this pandemic. 

While the backcountry has seen an uptick in use during this time, we also are encouraging avid backcountry users to try lower risk activities. Now is a great time to try Nordic skiing, hiking, running or fly fishing. If you do choose to use the backcountry, please tune into resources like the Crested Butte Avalanche Center and bring your full attention to the level of risk that you are placing yourself, your partners and your first responders in.

By the Numbers

As of 5:43 PM, we have 52 positive, 56 negative, and 65 pending tests. This document will be updated live with information.

The map below is a merged dataset of the self-reporting forms as well as the call center screenings. While these reports do not necessarily indicate positive COVID-19 patients, they are helping us to monitor the potential surge we might see on our healthcare system. These reports are also being used by Health and Human Services to follow up with patients who may need assistance.

3.24 map