If you are symptomatic, but otherwise ok, please self-isolate and self-report at www.gunnisoncounty.org/covid19

If you are symptomatic and worsening, please call the call center. 970-641-7660

We ask that you not show up to the screening site until you call first.

If it is an emergency, please call 911.

Primary Information Sources


Gunnison Health and Human Services Facebook page

By the Numbers

As of 9:05 AM, we have 18 positive, 21 negative, and 50 pending tests. This document will be updated live with information.

We are working on a way to better reflect the impacts that the hospital is seeing. We are considering a green, amber, red type indicator to display to the public. The numbers can change so quickly there and we want to ensure we are portraying an accurate message. While we don’t currently have a need for an alternate care site, we are working to adapt the Fred Field House should we have a surge of folks to the healthcare system.

A Type II Ambulance Strike Team was ordered today with the state to be a local and regional asset. This includes a Strike Force Leader and 5 ALS Paramedic Ambulances. We are uncertain of its arrival or availability at this time.

We continue to improve transparency in our incident management team. Our Operations Section Chiefs, Ashley Ackerlund and Jodie Leonard, will attempt to do morning briefings through facebook live throughout the course of the event.

As of 4:26 PM we have 377 English and only 2 Spanish self-reporting forms filled out. If you have friends in the Spanish speaking community please share that there is a Spanish self-reporting form on our website. Immigrant populations do have access to the call center and screening site as they do for other community services including Health and Human Services and Gunnison Valley Health. 

Special Shopping Hours for 60+

Walmart: Starting on Tues, March 24th, Walmart will be dedicating 6:00am-7:00am hours to age 60+ every Tuesday.

Safeway will be allowing shopping for the elderly, immunocompromised, pregnant, and other people with health conditions on Tuesday and Thursday 7:00am-9:00am. 

Clark’s Market in Crested Butte has Senior Shopping Hours from 8:00am-9:00am each day for residents 60+ years of age. 

City Market: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7:00am-8:00am is available for anyone 60+.

Public Health Orders

We are working on a Spanish version of the infographic on the Orders. The English version is listed on the www.gunnisoncounty.org/covid19 page under the Public Health Orders tab. General questions can be sent to callcenter@gunnisoncounty.org.

We are currently having issues with our construction and lodging exemption form. We have folks working on it now. We will update ASAP and let you know on social media once we have it running again.

If you know of a business that is not in compliance, please fill out this form.


The volunteer effort in this has been incredible. 

If you have not yet signed up, please use the volunteer sign up form at www.gunnisoncounty.org/covid19under the volunteer tab.

Community Resources

We are updating these services as fast as we can on our website under the “Community Resources” tab. If you know about some services that are not listed, please respond to this email and let us know.

The following patients with COVID-19 symptoms are asked to please call the call center at 970-641-7660.

  • Healthcare workers  
  • Employed in public safety occupation (e.g., law enforcement, fire fighter, EMS)  
  • Part of an illness cluster in a facility or institution (e.g., healthcare, school, corrections, shelters)  
  • With severe lower respiratory illness (hospitalized or fatal)  
  • With worsening symptoms  
  • Older than 60 years  
  • With underlying medical conditions  
  • Pregnant women  
  • Had contact with a lab-confirmed COVID-19 patient