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Community Message

To make the experience for kids special and not scary we encourage you to recreate outside, board games, movie nights, fishing, hiking, or cross-country skiing. Any opportunity to explore while maintaining social distancing is encouraged. This goes for adults too. Across the globe, we are in uncharted territory. We can prop each other up as a community to get through this.

We are moving away from posting the positive and negative numbers. The numbers are helping with tracking the spread, but they do not reflect the prevalence of COVID-19 in our community. We advise all people who do not need to go out, to stay home. The main goal is to slow down the ramp up of this disease and protect those that are most vulnerable. While we are currently expanding capacity, our healthcare facilities and emergency services cannot handle a massive influx. The only way to slow the spread is to stay home. 

The ski resort has closed, and we are spreading the word that the Gunnison Valley is closed for business. Travel in and out of the community is highly discouraged. We don’t want to spread this to other areas or to bring anything back. For visitors, we ask that you find a place to hunker down through this pandemic and that may mean returning home. 

We are coordinating a response of food and prescription deliveries through a network of volunteers. This should be happening next week. In the meantime, help your neighbor. Check in on the elderly, do they have all they need?

Food and prescription deliveries have already been set up for the elderly populations. 

  • Call Senior Transportation, who can connect you with someone to help with groceries: 970-596-6700. 
  • Call Young at Heart, who provides delivered meals three times a week: 970-641-2107
  • If you are on Long Term Care Medicaid, speak to your caseworker about Medicaid meal delivery: 970-641-3244

There was a productive meeting with the municipalities this afternoon. The goal is to work with the city and town officials to prop up the essential infrastructure for folks to be able to continue self-isolation. 

There was some confusion in the community about the public health orders that went out. The goal of these orders was to limit social interactions. There is no need to go out in the restaurants, bars, churches, hotels, or the public at all unless necessary. While these orders don’t specifically prohibit such things, it is highly discouraged. Businesses are not allowed to staff with employees 60 years or older. The public that is 60+ is discouraged from attending any public events even under 50 people. The data from the CDC shows that complication risk and death rates go up at 60.

If you are not in need of urgent help, we ask that you stay in your home. If you are showing symptoms, isolate yourself. Calling to the call center does not mean that you will be screened or tested. Even if you are directed to the screening site does not mean that you will be tested or admitted. We have to prioritize those that need the most help.

On Monday at 6:00PM, we will be doing a live question and answer session with officials that will be aired on KBUT.

From the Mt. Express Board

The Mt. Express Board just finished an emergency meeting.  The Board approved the following actions:

·       Run the full regular schedule on Sunday

·       Go to Summer Schedule for Monday & Tuesday with bus monitors to limit ridership (10-13 people per large bus to maintain 6’ social distancing recommendations), No condo loop.  No CB South service.

·       Reevaluate on Wednesday morning about whether to continue service and at what level

The Board wishes to actively discourage ridership.  This limited service is being provided for those who otherwise cannot get around.  They recommend anyone who has other means of travel that better provide for social distancing should utilize those alternative options.

Emergency Operations Center

We are working to move all non-essential staff to virtual participation. We are working on a succession of command in case any of the response staff need to go into isolation.

The call center is moving to a larger location to handle the higher call volumes. The call center is for those that need help the most. If you are showing symptoms, but otherwise are ok, we encourage you just to self-isolate. 

We received a delivery of Personal Protective Equipment from the state that has restocked essential supplies.