The Gunnison County emergency response teams have been working with local groups to react to the COVID-19 virus that is spreading through the community. We have consolidated public information to two sources, first, the website and second through the Gunnison County Health and Human Services Facebook page. The plan is to have continual updates through the day on the Facebook page, and secondly via updates to the website daily on 11:00am and 6:00pm. The Facebook feed for Health and Human Services is also embedded in the page for easier access.

If you have any symptoms, please stay home and do not venture into public spaces, Gunnison Valley Health, your primary care physician, or the screening site. Instead we ask that you call the Call Center, open seven days a week from 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. They will question callers to determine next steps. Before going to your doctor or the emergency room please call the Call Center at (970) 641-7660.

Gunnison County Confirmed Cases and Tests

3 positive + 1 who is now in Denver.

Pending tests: 16

Self isolated:

            Healthcare workers: 2

            Public: 25

Quarantined: O

Test Kits: 50

Call Center: ~150

Proportioned Response

There has been a large response in proportion to the positive cases. The reason for this aggressive action is to minimize spread within the community. By closing down large public gatherings and minimizing social contacts, we hope to keep those most vulnerable populations safe.

Community Transmission

We are currently not sharing the whereabouts of positive cases. Based on CDC guidelines there is no benefit in screening folks that had minimal contact with a positive patient as we can’t understand the true extent of spread at large community gatherings. The long incubation period of around 9-10 days prior to showing symptoms doesn’t allow for screening every potential exposure. Instead, the state epidemiologists have recommended we reserve screening for those that have been in closest contact with a positive patient and recommend all others to practice social distancing and good hygiene. We are working to save resources for those that are highest risk so as not to overwhelm our health care facilities. 

Community LIft

The incident command has brought all entities across the community together to respond to this. Thus far we have been successful at saving the hospital and health care resources for those that need it most. For those with mild symptoms the best thing you can do is isolate yourself. Senior Services at Health and Human Services and the Senior Program Coordinator at the Rec Center have begun to develop programs to serve those at highest risk. The plan is to prioritize those folks with food, prescriptions, and other deliveries to allow self-isolation to continue. For the remaining population we encourage self-isolation and minimizing trips to public spaces. Click List with City Market is a good alternative for social distancing when in need of supplies. 

Screening Center

A screening center is open at the Health and Human Services parking lot as of today from 10AM-2PM Monday-Friday. Please call the Call Center at (970) 641-7660 first so that we can reserve resources for vulnerable populations. The Crested Butte Community School parking lot will be set up as an alternative screening site ASAP.

Emergency Declaration

As of yesterday, the County Commissioners declared an emergency in the county. This proportionally large response opens up local funding, state and federal resources.

Highest Risk Individuals:

  • Have COVID 19 symptoms
  • Have chronic conditions such as: heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, weakened immune system
  • Elderly

Volunteer Information

If you would like to volunteer to assist with operations please review the list below with needed services:

  • Picking Up/Transporting/Delivering needed supplies both in town and possibly out of town
  • Supporting patients quarantined at home by safely delivering groceries, running errands, etc. so those affected do not need to venture into the community
  • Interpreting for Spanish speaking residents
  • Delivering meals and other needed items to non-infected seniors at home so they do not have to venture out into the community unnecessarily
  • Call Center Staff to assist with answering questions especially with a medical background

For those that are interested in helping, please email or call Arden Anderson with the following information: Full name, phone number, email, and availability. Availability for weekends is particularly needed right now. If volunteering for the Call Center, having some medical training would be beneficial but is not required. Volunteers will NOT be physically exposed to potential patients.

Phone: (970) 901-5739

Updates from the state 

Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE) website

CDPHE Daily Fast Facts Page